Photoshop Pattern 003

Ah this time the break in the post was a little longer. You should blame my internet connection and not me for that šŸ™‚ Anyways, I am sharing a tileable, seamless patterns pack. These are suitable for use on paper, fabric and digital graphics. Do as you wish to do. Again, there is no obligation on you to credit me. Only for redistribution as is, you have to link at my blog. This patterns pack is made in Photoshop CS4. I am uploading the preview image here, for downloading the .pat file click Here.

Photoshop Pattern Pack 002

I love patterns and I had made a lot of them. Today I am sharing a set of six patterns made in Photoshop CS4. Download the .pat (Photoshop pattern fileĀ format) fromĀ here. After downloading pat file, simply copy it in Patterns folder (Adobe\Photoshop\Presets\Patterns).

Patterns 001 : Free Ground Textures Patterns

I was busy for the last three days therefore could not add new post to my blog. Anyways, today I am uploading three different ground textures. These patterns are made from photos of African ground which I shot during my visit to Sudan. I hope you like it.

You can download the pattern file (.pat) from here. If you need their 200×200 pixels jpg or png files, feel free to let me know.