Curtain Backdrops

Its almost a month since my last post. I sometimes take breaks off my creativity, only to return with new idea and new energy. Today’s resource is a sea-green curtain background (1600×1200 PNG file). Best for use as a photo backdrop. Click on the image itself for full size.

And here is a colored variation of the backdrop.


Abstract Design Brush Pack

This is a set of 7 brushes made in Photoshop CS4. The default size of each brush is 1024×768. These are suitable for using in almost every design. Use different colors for different effects. All your comments and feedbacks are welcome. Thanks for your visits.

For downloading .abr file click Here.

Wooden Tiled Background

Hi Everybody! I am really glad to know that yesterday was the busiest day of my blog. Your visits and feedbacks keep me going on with the blog. I get all my motivation and inspiration from your appreciation. Among all the resources, the most favorited  are the wooden backgrounds. So today I am sharing another variant of my digitally made wooden background. This is a tiled wooden background made in Photoshop CS4. It is a 1600 x 1200 resolution PNG file.

Colorful Background

This one is specially for those who love colorful and psychedelic graphics. It is a 1600 x 1200 PNG file.

Abstract Desktop Wallpaper – 1600×1200 PNG

I really love this one, and hope you will like it too. Please, give your feedbacks and comments.

Backdrop Texture

Here is another backdrop for your digital photos. Its resolution is 1600 x 1200. This is made specially on demand, if you are looking for some specific background theme, let me know.  Click on the image for full view. Feel free to comment.

Red Curtain

As promised, here is the red curtain background used in Photoframes 002. Click on the image itself and it will open full size.

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