Web Template

These days I am facing net problem and also there are other jobs to attend to therefore I get less time for my digital creativity. Today’s post is a web template. Well in fact this is not a full fledge template but a quick mockup. I have included a header, menu and content boxex. As usual it is made it in Photoshop CS4. To keep the file size small, the dimensions of this file are kept 800×600. All graphics are vector shapes and therefore can easily be enlarged to fit any size of your choice. All layers are properly arranged, labeled and are fully editable. I hope you like this one. Thanks for your visits and valuable comments. Please download the psd file from Here.


Abstract Design Brush Pack

This is a set of 7 brushes made in Photoshop CS4. The default size of each brush is 1024×768. These are suitable for using in almost every design. Use different colors for different effects. All your comments and feedbacks are welcome. Thanks for your visits.

For downloading .abr file click Here.

Wooden Tiled Background

Hi Everybody! I am really glad to know that yesterday was the busiest day of my blog. Your visits and feedbacks keep me going on with the blog. I get all my motivation and inspiration from your appreciation. Among all the resources, the most favorited  are the wooden backgrounds. So today I am sharing another variant of my digitally made wooden background. This is a tiled wooden background made in Photoshop CS4. It is a 1600 x 1200 resolution PNG file.

Wooden Text Effects

Hi! thanks to all my visitors for visiting and appreciating. Your feedback and comments are very important as I will be uploading graphics based on your liking. All graphics on my blog are totally free for both personal and commercial use, but please avoid uploading and distribution without permission. If you wish to distribute it on your sites please refer to my blog.

I have made 6 text effects. You can see preview image below, I hope you like it. I called them Wooden because of the colors and because I couldn’t think of any other name 🙂

It is a psd file. I have uploaded it to my deviantart profile. Download it from here.

Texture 002

I have an interest in photography as well as in digital graphics. Backdrops used for studio photography really inspire me. I have attempted to make some backgrounds and backdrops digitally in Photoshop. I intended to use them as background graphics for my photos and even some typography as well. They are equally good as desktop wallpapers. Today I am uploading a 1600 x 1200 resolution wooden background made in Photoshop CS4.

Click here to download the full size PNG. I will appreciate your feedback.

Muddy Styles

I required mud effect in a graphic project. It is well said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I looked around but could not find the required effect so I came up with my own. I made one style to get a wet and muddy ground effect. Another style was required for footprints. I am sharing both the styles in this style pack Muddy Effect. I made it with Photoshop CS4.

The zip file can be downloaded from here. The zip file contains a jpg image and .asl (photoshop style file format) file which can be easily installed in Photoshop presets. If you feel any problem in installation, please let me know – I will be glad to help you.