Abstract Design Brush Pack

This is a set of 7 brushes made in Photoshop CS4. The default size of each brush is 1024×768. These are suitable for using in almost every design. Use different colors for different effects. All your comments and feedbacks are welcome. Thanks for your visits.

For downloading .abr file click Here.


Wooden Text Effects

Hi! thanks to all my visitors for visiting and appreciating. Your feedback and comments are very important as I will be uploading graphics based on your liking. All graphics on my blog are totally free for both personal and commercial use, but please avoid uploading and distribution without permission. If you wish to distribute it on your sites please refer to my blog.

I have made 6 text effects. You can see preview image below, I hope you like it. I called them Wooden because of the colors and because I couldn’t think of any other name 🙂

It is a psd file. I have uploaded it to my deviantart profile. Download it from here.

Photoframes 002

Today I am uploading a PNG file which has four frames. Below you can see a preview image with pictures inserted, to give you a glimpse of how it will look. All the sketches are my own sketches. Similarly, the background is also made by me. You can a background of your choice or wait till tomorrow and I will upload a high resolution copy.

Download PNG file from HERE.

Swirls Brushes

Hi! everyone. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and my deviant art page. I have been in Dubai during the last week and therefore could not find time to upload new posts, sorry for that. To make up for last week I thought of uploading something very useful for everyone. So, I ended up with these swirl brushes which I think will be greatly helpful. I love to use swirls in most of my designs. One or two beautiful swirls can spice up the design a lot. As usual I have uploaded the .abr file (Photoshop brushes file extension). Installing brushes in Photoshop is easy and as there is already a lot of tutorial available to I won’t waste time on that crap. Even then if you have any problem you can contact me via this blog or my deviant page.

Click Here to download the .abr file. All feedback and comments are welcomed.

Buttons 001

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog. It is only the start and I am all geared up to upload a lot of Photoshop and other graphics resources for all and that too totally free to use. Today I am uploading a set of 8 beautiful buttons for web use. All the layers are unflattened means you can play around with the layer styles and create your own customized buttons. The text on each button is fully editable.

You can download the psd file from here.

Photoframes 001

Photoshop is mainly used for photo manipulations. Different filters are used to beautify images. I am uploading photo frames in six different colors in a .psd file.  More colors can be obtained by changing hue of the frame layer. For changing hue go to Image > Adjustment > Hue and Saturation. You can use them for any purpose, its absolutely free. If you want more free resources please comment, I appreciate and welcome all sorts of comments.

I am searching for a way to upload my files securely and make them available for download from my Blog, For the time being you can download it from here. I am new to WordPress, if you know how I can place my zip files, please let me know. I will be back soon with more resources.